Listen up! Five awesome podcasts to inspire you everyday.

Podcasts are an amazing source of information and inspiration, fast becoming one of the most influential methods of sharing ideas.

There are many health and well-being podcasts out there, these are five that consistently have amazing guests covering a wide range of topics to help us feel balanced, live healthier and strive towards a fulfilling life. Perfect for the commute or when doing the washing up, grab your headphones and tune in to discover a world of guidance to help follow your own path in life.

Feel Better and Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee-logo

With 20 years of medical experience and being a bestselling author, Dr Chatterjee discusses a range of topics with leading experts aimed at helping us to reduce stress and improve overall health. Beyond traditional medicine, he aims to empower us as individuals to make sustainable changes using a more holistic approach looking at lifestyle habits and mental health as the cornerstone to to improved well-being. He is open, warm and comforting offering real practical advice to implement powerful changes today.

Highlight: How to become happier today with Mo Gowdat

How to have your Dream Life with Kristina Karlsson

One for the Aussies, this is like a blast of sunshine in your ears hosted by the ever positive and upbeat founder of Kikki K stationary and lifestyle brand, Kristina Karlsson. This is much more in the personal growth space with Kristina speaking with entrepreneurs and authors that have inspired her to dream big and find personal fulfilment in life. Her guests are very motivational and she has created online communities with book clubs and courses to help us find our path and get the most out of life. You will be smiling after an hour in her company.

Highlight: The Dreaming Path with Paul Callaghan

The Happy Pear

Living in Ireland these high energy bothers Steve and Dave are pioneers for healthy vegan food and sustainable living. They have spent 20 years cultivating a thriving community with two cafes, a range of cookbooks and now running various healthy eating courses. The pair spend time with fascinating speakers, friends and thought leaders covering a huge range of topics for life. They are fun and engaging and will leave you upbeat no matter how deep the topic. Follow them on insta and you will be treated to sunrise photos of group sea swimming every morning, no matter what the weather, it’s a beautiful thing.

Highlight: Zach Bush on human, animal, plant and earth connectivity.

Deliciously Ella

Ella Mills is a pioneer in plant based food to heal and nourish the body creating an empire of cook books, groceries and has recently opened up a new cafe, Plants in London. Through her podcast conversations with health and wellbeing experts, Ella delves into a spectrum of topics from gut health, mental wellbeing, sleep, hormonal balance, yoga and so much more that you may never have stumbled upon before. There is also and app that is filled with recipes, mediation, fitness and yoga videos that is well worth checking out.

Highlight: How to have a healthy gut with Dr Megan Rossi

Happy Place with Fearne Cotton

Focussing on mental wellbeing, Fearne has open and truthful conversations with a range of well known guests about their lives, sharing wisdom behind maintaining balance and cultivating happiness. Very open about her own struggles with anxiety and depression, it’s refreshing to know that even those who appear confident and happy in the public eye can have inner struggles that they are working through. Less medical advice, more inspiration, Fearne uses her natural charm to make guests feel comfortable in sharing their life stories with her listeners.

Highlight: Björn Natthiko Lindeblad

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