A collection of inspirational books from insightful writers.

I’ve read many books in my years and these are a few that have really spoken to me. So curl up with a cup of tea and continue your own individual journey, seeking authors you connect with that encourage you to think deeply about the world we live in. I always welcome recommendations!

Living the Sutras: A guide to living beyond the mat

Kelly Dinardo & Amy Pearce- Hayden

For those wishing to understand the philosophy beyond the physical practice of Yoga, this is a great overview and accessible introduction to The Yoga Sutras.

The Yoga Sutras are a foundational text of philosophy and practice, written by the guru Patanjali over two thousand years ago. They put forward a guide to living a healthy and fulfilling life and managing inevitable ups, downs and disturbances of the mind.

As well as explaining the meanings behind the sutras and relating the wisdom to modern day life, there is a chance for reflection and practical tools to incorporate the philosophy into the readers lives.

I May Be Wrong: And other wisdoms from life as a forest monk

Bjorn Natthiko Lindeblad

Bjorn is a swede who followed an inner calling to drastically change his modern life to become a forest monk. In this book he addresses how to face the uncertainty and doubt that is a natural part of life and how to harness our thoughts to follow our own path in life.

I discovered this book after hearing the beautiful and emotional interview with Fearne Cotton so if you don’t read the book, listen to that conversation and you will be astounded by the humble wisdom from this incredible human.

Wintering: The power of rest in difficult times.

Katherine May

This was the absolute perfect book to be published during the pandemic as so many of us were forced into a state of ‘wintering’. Both from a seasonal perspective, and also from an emotional one, Katherine explores the concept of listening to ourselves and giving the body and mind time to rest and heal during the fallow times in our lives. By embracing the darker, winter periods we trust the spring will come again. Personally I find the winter season very challenging, but am warmed by stories of nordic hibernation rituals and encouraged by tales of open sea swimming so it’s a gleam of hope during the long dark hours of winter.

The Untethered Soul: The journey beyond yourself

Michael A. Singer

“There is nothing more important to true growth to realise you are not the voice of your mind.- you are the one who hears it.”

Encompassing ancient wisdom of philosophy and yoga this book delves into the endless questions of who we really are and what life really is all about.

By tapping into traditions of meditation and mindfulness, Michael A. Singer shows how the development of consciousness can enable us all to dwell in the present moment and let go of painful thoughts and memories that keep us from achieving happiness and self-realization.

Abundance: The Inner path to wealth

Deepak Chopra

From the pioneer of integrative medicine and personal transformation, bringing the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation to a modern audience, Abundance puts forward the philosophy behind cultivating wealth and contentment in times of fear and uncertainty.

I listened to the audio of the book which is narrated by Deepak who has such a soothing voice to put forward his ideas. The book offers practical advice and meditations to encourage a mindset of plenty, rather than lack. This goes beyond money but instead asks us to find a contentment where we feel wealthy in all areas of our lives.