Listen up! Five awesome podcasts to inspire you everyday.

Podcasts are an amazing source of information and inspiration, fast becoming one of the most influential methods of sharing ideas. There are many health and well-being podcasts out there, these are five that consistently have amazing guests covering a wide range of topics to help us feel balanced, live healthier and strive towards a fulfillingContinue reading “Listen up! Five awesome podcasts to inspire you everyday.”

Why Yin Yang Yoga could be the perfect combination when time is tight.

In an ideal world we would be able to dedicate as much time to yoga that we feel we need. In reality, work and family commitments sometimes mean we have to snatch the window of opportunity for our practice when we can. Make the most of that time with a balanced Yin Yang practice mixing the dynamic and restful elements of yoga.

Why practice Yoga?

For me, Yoga isn’t about doing insta- worthy headstands (because I can’t!) it’s simply a path to help feel better physically, emotionally and mentally.  The traditional meaning of Yoga is to ‘yoke’, bring together the body, mind and soul through a process of movement, meditation and breath. The physical process of yoga asanas is to remove tension and ready the body to beContinue reading “Why practice Yoga?”