Review: Deep Rest with Stacey Mann Wellness

Stacey Mann Wellness updated their information in their About section.

Walking into Stacey’s serene Sentosa apartment with delicious essential oil’s burning, low lighting and being greeted by a warm and inviting smile, it’s impossible not to feel instantly relaxed.

Stacey Mann is based in Singapore and is a restorative yoga teacher trained in Stillness Through Movement and Yoga Nidra with the Daring To Rest method. In her Deep Rest, Feminine Balance and Yoga Nidra sessions she helps people live with more calm, clarity, energy and purpose guiding through a series of rejuvenating yet gentle movements and meditation.

Deep relaxation is a way to calm the nervous system, moving from the ‘fight or flight’ stress response we often live in for long periods of time, towards a more ‘rest, digest and restore’ state, encouraging the parasympathetic nervous system to kick in. We then have corresponding physical reactions of lower heart rate and blood pressure, deeper breathing, more effective digestion and sleep, reduced stress hormones such cortisol flowing. Mentally then it is possible to feel calmer and more in control.

Our session started with a beautiful Yoga Nidra relaxation which is a meditation technique that I have found particularly effective at reducing tension in the body and slowing brain waves, stilling the racing mind. We then worked through a few gentle poses which were all supported with various cosy props- bolsters, weighted blankets, lavender eye pillows- all with the intention of making us feel grounded. The final pose which we held for longer, supported reclining butterfly, was simply heavenly!

Stacey uses speciality essential oil blends that have varying specific healing properties as we moved through the deep rest journey. They really smell wonderful and add real depth to the practice.

With a particular interest in hormonal health and the impact that stress has on the body and mind, there is a feeling of women supporting women in the room with an openness that is refreshing and comforting. In her Feminine Balance sessions, Stacey talks about the importance of listening to our cycle, allowing rest for the ‘Autumn’ time of the month as we approach menstruation, as well as the impact of the moon phases on our energy levels.

As we approach our 40s, with hormonal changes starting to come into effect, it is common for fatigue and stress to lead to a feeling of burn out. Stacey is open in her experience with feelings of exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, body pain and stiffness, gut issues, brain fog, poor mental clarity and disrupted sleep. She shares the biological reasons as to why this happens to us, offering ways we can support our brain and body in the lead up to this time of our lives.

At the end of the session I felt like I was floating and certainly much calmer. We shared some beautifully warming spiced tea and there were smiles all around. Stacey points out that everyone will have a unique experience and slowing the mind may bring up certain emotions that could have been blocked, so we just have to work with what surfaces. For me it was positive though and the next morning I managed to get through the whole routine of wrangling my children to school without shouting, which frankly is miraculous!

Stacey runs sessions monthly and can also schedule smaller or private classes. She also does online Yoga Nidra sessions for those living elsewhere. I’m sure you have heard the saying that we cannot pour from an empty cup. In order to be there for others sometimes it’s necessary to listen to your body and surrender to the rest that we all need to regain balance.

Stacey Mann Wellness, Sentosa Marina Collection

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